Nextcloud sync count goes negative

A picture says a thousand words:


I’ve just copied about 300M into Nextcloud group folder.

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Quite easy to repeat. Start robocopy copying files into a Nextcloud group folder. The client appears to upload in batches. So it synchronises (say) 10 files whilst robocopy is busy adding more files. It then starts on the next batch but the count often goes screwy. This animated GIF shows it in action.


Another quirk with the client display of synchronises files - it often doesn’t auto-scroll to show the current activity at the top. You end up thousands of lines down and no easy way to get back to the top. Does Nextcloud have a github area for reporting errors?

@robnicholsonmalt have you found a solution on this?

Not knowingly. I haven’t carried out such a big copy recently. I guess I should raise it on GitHub?