Nextcloud Sync between Arm and x86 using Syncthing

Hi, I have a 3TB of 100k filed on a HC2 serving 10 people, using 10-40 files per day mostly in MS Word. The NextcloudPlus system has been super stable for over a month with not a single hiccup (knock on word) - credit is due to the setup wizard and back up system by Nacho the developer of Ownyourbits - NextcloudPi.

I’m syncing the ncdata and backups to a Synology 918+ mounted via NFS. The 918+ itself backs up as well. I have docker installed and running NextcloudPlus-x86 which has scanned a copy of the backup.

I am thinking about installing Syncthing to sync the production file system to the docker backup system and auto-scan everything every 12 hours. I’d like for that to be more often, I’m not bound by CPU or memory.

I’ve found the federation feature left one of the Nextcloud servers in pending modes and not stable. The idea is that there would an immediate backup server in the event that the HC2 died, which I have heard they could stay stable for as long as 3 months.

If the HC2 had a problem, then internal users could connect to Synology and then restore the HC2 by whichever means and then switch over, or update the ncp-config ssl certificate on the Synology and party from there.

Any thoughts from anyone about this?