Nextcloud sucks

After running NC some time the pi wont startup after power failure in the house on the right ip
I try to read the externe hd on a windows 7 and 10 pc but no luck
So i install NC again and NC asking me on usb drive i say skip so my data should be saved and not deleted.
But i can now not find my data

I say @#%$%^^#%#% #$%@$%@ system

The disk has probably a linux file system and can’t be read on native windows. For some file systems there are drivers for windows. Or you use a live-boot linux you start via usb, then you attach the external disk and you should be able to read your data.

Regarding your system on your Pi, you could use such a live-boot system to check the sd card of the RPi as well. Or attach a screnn and seen why it won’t start properly.



Sorry, for asking this, but is this satire?
Or do you really want to get help? If so, you should think about your words!



Nextcloud doesn’t sucks.
It’s because you had an electric faillure on your linux hardware that you don’t know how to recover. Nextcloud is out of cause.

Maybe you formated again your data and need to use recovery tool.

You have to know where in the disk your old nextcloud instance put your data.
Is it a default location like /var/www/nextcloud/data or something you decided

it’s always the same: if the user (aka sysadmin) isn’t able to manage his software correctly and/or if a hardwarefailure occures it’s always the easiest thing to blame someone/something else.

i just wonder what you expect the forum to do, now? we could offer a minute of silence for you.

[fill in silence here]

if you want the volounteers in this forum to help you with your problems you better be kind and friendly. and perhaps you would like to offer more info about your problem.
well, next time… since i think that @tflidd already had the solution for your problem.


@Red ever heared of Netiquette

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All good, I get the frustration you have after losing data :wink:

Breathe, take a walk with the dog (or get a dog if you don’t have one :smiley: ) and use a Linux distro on a USB stick to read the data from your drive! A good time to migrate from WIndows to Ubuntu or openSUSE :wink:


Then why aren’t you complaining on some Pi forum?

So why aren’t you complaining on Microsoft forums that their OS doesn’t read linux filesystems?

Yeah! Fuck Batman!


@Red The issue here is that it is a linux problem in general, not a NC issue. I recommend you download an Ubuntu live boot cd image using your windows PC, burn it to a cd, and then reboot your windows pc to run off that live cd. If you check on google you will find plenty of examples on how to create and boot a live cd. Once booted you should be able to take your external storage that was plugged into your raspberry pi and mount it. Hopefully everything is still there and you will be able to recover.

Remember that NC a system for synchronizing files, not backing them up. You would want to use another solution to backup your data from the NC server to protect you from data loss.

…or try out the Nextcloud VM. :wink:

I have
1 win7
1 win10
1pc with fedora and netrunner or mint
Rasp 1, 2 and 3
try them all
win7 find nothing
win10 find nothing
ubunto 2 no access to maps (rights)
pi rasbian nothing and ubunto mate empty maps even the new map is empty but there must be the standard picture from the squirrel is not there in the second map.
But there is used 8 gb on space

Steal a dog if you need to, in this case :rofl:

What do you mean by this? Have you tried using root user to gain access to data? In all my experience with Linux I have never experienced a situation where root user in Live environment was not able to access data on any disk. So unless you encrypted your data folder, all suggestions made to you up to now, should work.


Actually, it’s Microsoft who suck, for not supporting the ext4, nor BTRFS filesystems in Windows (and the code for both ext4 and BTRFS are open source, so they don’t even need to do any painstaking reverse-engineering).

Microsoft says they love Linux now, but let’s see Microsoft prove that by fully supporting at least BTRFS in Windows (as a “first-class” filesystem, which just works “plug-and-play”). BTRFS fully supports NTFS-style ACL’s, after all.

I say learn the system, and don’t be lazy. Yes, Nextcloud is a server, and knowing some linux System Administration skills are bound to come into play to maintain it.

Reinstall all on the PI#3 and install nextcloud on a 32 and 64 desktop both win7 pc and the 32 bit give a error talking about wrong bit version and the one on the 64bit can not connect the pi true LAN he can not find it at all.
Try a lot and at the end i install owncloud and both pc’s running like a charm they find the IP number true LAN direct.
I like nextcloud but with these problems i dont know if i stay on this :sob:

Oh ps for those who can not give a serious answer on the problems buy a frog and jump together :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Mount the usb drive or emmc from the Pi on an Linux Desktop and save the Data on the Drive. Then reinstall the pi System and start fresh.
The data in nextcloud encrypted or unencrypted?
I never heard that an Linux File system overrides data in an HDD.