Nextcloud stuck at version 11.04 and not offering any version 12.x update

I notice that my nextcloud installation is still stuck at 11.04 and I am not getting any 12.x updates offered in the web updater.
I have read this post: Version 12 not offered in Adminpanel
But this post is from May and we are heading for September, so I want to know if there is something (and what) wrong with my system or if I just have to wait (no hurry for me…).

I am at 12.0.2 (stable). You can just update it now.

Thanks for letting me know that I can upgrade to version 12.02, but this actually does not answer my question why the admin panel on my system is still teling me that I am on the latest version with 11.04 and I am not getting any “A new version is available…” notification. I would like to get this fixed because updating via the panel is much easier than going through SSH.

It is hard to say when the upgrades are pushed. For the stable channel, it can be until the first point release and later as well, if there are some problems found during the upgrade. And the upgrade is not pushed out for everybody instantly, the roll out can take some time.

So currently you can only trust the developers that they have good reason not to roll out the releases sooner. There are two things you can do:

1). go to github and ask to make the process more transparent (show the bug that holds back the upgrade)
2) you can switch to the beta-channel, then you should get the upgrade to NC 12. Don’t forget to switch back to the stable release channel to avoid to get the NC 13 release candidates and beta version (these are really only for testing)