NextCloud Storage External FTP

Greetings to the community.
I need to access an external FTP and copy files to it.
Said FTP has a Write Only limitation and does not allow file renaming.
NextCloud when uploading a file to FTP, first transfers it as .part until the upload is complete. But when FTP is denied permission to rename files when the .part file is finished renaming it to its extension causes an error.
This does not happen in WinSCP, winscp doesn’t place it in the directory until it finishes uploading the file.
I would like to be able to change the way I transfer files from NextCloud to FTP without the need to upload .part first.??
If you could help me.
Thanks in advance.

You would have to rewrite the FTP plugin most likely.

And it’s going to throw a fit about being denied read access as well.

As an alternative, could you create a FTP user with full access, and then create a file drop share in Nextcloud? That might achieve something similar.