Nextcloud + Static IP

Hello. I can’t log in to nextcloud using an external static IP address: 81 although in config/config.conf in ‘trusted domains’ I entered it. And it comes only on the internal IP, what can be the problem ?

The IP that you’re showing in the trusted_domains array is not an “external static IP” address. The block of IPs that that IP comes from is not routable on the public internet and is for internal, local network use only. This is why you can’t log in unless you’re on the same network. See You may also find instructive.

I smeared the external IP address. And the one that is the second is a local IP on it comes. If the external IP in the router and port 81 are routed to the internal IP of the server, why can’t it come from the external IP?

thats’s more likely a fqdn aka server name with domain. (just wording. but not to get confused. since there is an ip address in your screen shot.)


do you have a screenshot of the error message?
did you include http://… in the trusted domain arry?
did you try a default web server page instead of nextcloud. just to check if you don’t have a routing problem.

and i think the grafik is not necassary. just remove that first. but it might not be related to your problem.

or ipv6?
should then be in brackets like this:

OK I will look at the routing, if I write something here