Nextcloud & SSO appearing duplicate accounts for the same user, anyway to map/merge them?

Hello guys i have nextcloud set up syncing with ldap and also have SSO enabled via keycoak
The keycloak server syncs with the very same ldap server nextcloud syncs.

The problem is that upon importing users nextcloud understands them as two different accounts even though they have the same username/email etc .Everything is identical since they are coming from the same ldap database.

This user is the same both in nc & keycloack but its understanded as 2 different accounts who has same name,email just the id added from the keycloak.

How can i marge those accounts , am only asking since does this automatically so it should be possible in here as well but i can’t think how.

In the users account, go to settings > connected accounts and connect the ldap account to the keeclock account.

Where is user account located? On keycloac or nc ?

You would link the nc account to keycloac. He would be able to sign in with either. Beyond that, I don’t know what you mean.

Yea you clearly miss my point i think.

Hello! Did you manage to solve this problem?

I have the same problem. Configured ldap authorization using kerberos. User accounts are also duplicated. Please help to solve the problem.