Nextcloud, Social Login with custom OpenID and EU Login

Dear Nextcloud friends and expert,

I’m working for EU research center and I install nextcloud to share files with other EU teams accross the world. In ordert to apply the EU policy Nextclound needs to use the SSO server to authenticate the users.

This is my first time that I use OpenID service. From the app store I found “social login” app. It seems the right app to connect nextcloud and “EU login service” using the OpenID protocol. The team of SSO EU server send me a JSON file but I’m not able to use it.

This is the JSON file:

  "application_type" : "web",
  "client_id" : "wQD4AyXXXXXXXXXXXXXMMGV",
  "client_id_issued_at" : 17XXXXX010,
  "client_name" : "neXXXXXX12",
  "client_secret" : "UeBXXXXXXXXToCrsolWo",
  "client_secret_expires_at" : 0,
  "client_type" : "confidential",
  "contacts" : [ "" ],
  "default_acr_values" : [ "" ],
  "grant_types" : [ "autXXXXXXXXXde" ],
  "id_token_signed_response_alg" : "PS512",
  "jwt_access_token_explicit_type" : "at+jwt",
  "jwt_access_token_signed_response_alg" : "PS512",
  "oauth_application_type" : "web_application",
  "redirect_uris" : [ "https://dcalXXXXXXXXXXXud" ],
  "registration_access_token" : "_KSQXXXXXXXXXXXXHg4A",
  "registration_client_uri" : "https://ecaAAAAAAAAA/cas/oauth2/register?client_id=wQD4A*********SenRzWfe9MMGV",
  "response_types" : [ "code" ],
  "scope" : "openid",
  "subject_type" : "public",
  "token_endpoint_auth_method" : "client_secret_jwt"

I’m not able to map the social login “OpenID” fields with the JSON file value (Probably I’m too stupid to understand it ! ) .

Someone can help me to setup correctly the Social OpenID using JSON file or suggest another way to use this JSON to setup the nextclound with a custom opendID service?

Many thanks for your help.

NB: sorry If I write the message in the wrong section and my bad english.

first of all be aware sociallogin app is great but there is no more active development. I would recommend using “official” user_oidc app which becomes more polished during last months. There is good tutorial showing basic setup - you will need some fine-tuning…