Nextcloud-Snap: question about nextcloud.mysql-client

Hi there,

I’d like to adapt my script for backing up calendars and addressbooks (Calcardbackup: bash script to backup Nextcloud calendars and addressbooks as *.ics/*.vcf files) to also work with snap installations. Therefore I need to read out a couple of values from the database (e.g. calendernames and their according url). I saw that nextcloud-snap comes with an included cli-utility nextcloud.mysql-client. I don’t have snap installed myself, but the sourcecode looks like the utility will only open a mysql console and ignore any on command line given options (my script uses mysql options --execute and --silent as described here:
Is there a way to execute a mysql command, grap the output and then quit the mysql console? Or are the any plans to implement the use of mysql options for nextcloud.mysql-client?

I looked in the forum for a similar question but didn’t find anything. Apologies if I’ve overseen anything.

I created a testing environment and it looks like all arguments to nextcloud.mysql-client are passed to mysql.