Nextcloud Snap & OnlyOffice Snap

Has anyone been able to install both Nextcloud & OnlyOffice on the same instance via snap?

I have been struggling to get this working myself, and I haven’t seen any steps or anyone else who has successfully got this working. I believe the conflict here is nextcloud-snap using apache and onlyoffice-snap using nginx, and both are using the same ports.

I also faced some issues installing getting Collabora, so at this point I am wondering if it is better to call it quits with the snap install and install another way.


I dont use only office so unable to comment on that but,

if you want, you can easily change the NextCloud Snap Ports…

$ sudo snap set nextcloud ports.http=81 ports.https=444

Refer here → nextcloud-snap/nextcloud-snap: :cloud::package: Nextcloud packaged as a snap (


Thank you for the info. I did try this, but was still facing some issues.

In the end, I have reinstalled completely outside of snap, and proxy from Apache to nginx for ONLYOFFICE. It’s taken a little while, but it’s working.

Lucky, my data was stored in S3, so nothing lost there