Nextcloud snap not opening in browser

I just installed nextcloud snap on my raspberry pi 4 running raspberry pi OS, I did the commands:

sudo snap enable nextcloud
and also
sudo snap start nextcloud

both with no error messages however when entering localhost into my browser or my local ip address. I just get “This site cannot be reached”
I have also tried with http://nextcloud.local and that also did not bring me to the intended page.

as far as I can tell nextcloud is running with no issues in the background but I still can’t seem to reach it.

You can look if the port 80/443 is open
netstat -tulpen

Also you can find out your Pi-ip-adress.
ip addr show

Test the access from your client with http://ip (if port 80 is open) or https://ip (if port 443 is open).

Sorry i a m not a snap user.
Perhaps you can better use the NextcloudPi - pi - image.