Nextcloud snap installation - nextcloud.occ files:scan problem

Hello community,

I have a new nextcloud installation (brand new without modifications) on an Ubuntu Server 16.04.2. Installation was done with the snap package, quick and easy without problems.

Then I copied data into the data directory of a used and tried to scan the files with the command

user@nextcloud:~$ sudo -u www-data nextcloud.occ files:scan --all
2017/07/28 20:36:21.972343 cmd_run.go:386: WARNING: cannot create user data directory: cannot create “/var/www/snap/nextcloud/2184”: mkdir /var/www: permission denied
cannot create user data directory: /var/www/snap/nextcloud/2184: Read-only file system

Unfortunately the nextcloud snap package details are not documented anywhere, it is not clear what the script is trying to do. Why is it creating a user data directory where the rights are not correct (this directory is not writeable for www-data).

Any hints how to continue?

Best regards

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