Nextcloud Snap install tesseract


I’m using Nextcloud Hub 3 (25.0.6) installed via Snap and trying to install tesseract for OCR.
After installing tesseract, Nextcloud can not user this pakage, not showing any installed languages. I think this is because Nextcloud is contained in Snap.
Is there any possibility for Nextcloud to get access to tesseract?

Maybe someone managet to get OCR and Nextcloud Snap working.


I assume you did try to install the language files (which I believe must always be done manually)?

In any case, the community Snap is generally more limited in terms of being able to heavily extend it or do things that aren’t in fairly ubiquitous use across their target user base.

Things to change or course, including what is considered more common.

All I see are these:

Thank you for your answer.
Meanwhile i installed Nextcloud without snap, this solved the problem.
Including the necessary packages in a newer version of nextcloud-snap would be a good solution, i think.

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