Nextcloud snap install how to access mysql by tcp port

I have installed Nextcloud snap that includes mysql but i need to acccess mysql database by TCP 3306 from outside using user and pass. I dont see 3306 tcp port pone in server. Can anyone help on this? i know it is not supported but i need to do this.

Networking is disabled for MySQL in the snap:

and not possible to reenable? i have tried already AIO-vm AIO-docker and snap and both always come to some limitations. is not there any more flexible way to install with normal apt-get install ?

also how do i change audit log level to generate logs for all file operations of all users? because is i try to edit config.php it says readonly filesystem.

Well you keep picking all the turnkey approaches. :slight_smile:

You can do a conventional install:

I tried this installing manually and when i get to login screen a enter admin and the password i set with occ and cant login in logs the only error i get is:

“HMAC does not match”