Nextcloud snap fails let's encrypt challenge with timeout error

Hello community,

I’ve got a raspberry pi 3 on my local LAN with a static ip address. The router has port 80 and 443 forwarded to the pi. I’ve flashed the SD card with the latest Ubuntu core image and installed the Nextcloud snap like this. After the installation I added my own domain as a trusted domain. No other customizations done.

I’m trying to obtain a SSL certificate from let’s encrypt with the standard commands like this, but the process keeps failing every time with a timeout error.

I’m using Dynu as DNS server. My domain is setup with just the ipv4 A record and I’ve disabled the ipv6 record as my ISP doesn’t support ipv6 (yet). A DNS propagation search shows that other DNS servers have the correct ip address. I can log into nextcloud on the pi if I type in my domain address in the browser, and use port 443 with a selfsigned certificate. The logs show that certbot is using the correct ip address to connect.

Not sure where to go from here. Any ideas?

This is the log output from a failed attempt.

Port forward incorrectly configured.

Would you have a minute to elaborate on what you changed about your port forwarding @anders ? I’m having the same issues and hitting a wall. Self signed works fine so I don’t understand what might be screwed up.

turned out to be an ISP issue the whole time - :cold_sweat: disregard!

I’m having a similar problem. Can you explain how you figured out it was your ISP? It seems like if self-signed certs work and I’m able to connect over the internet that means port 80 and 443 are in fact open and the ISP is letting that traffic through. So let’s encrypt should also work. @gwin