Nextcloud SNAP CLAMAV not working correctly - Errors


Ubuntu 20.04 LTS
SNAP Install
Nextcloud 19.04
Intel NUC



Log shows

Error files_antivirus RuntimeException: The antivirus executable could not be found at /usr/bin/clamscan

Security Tab shows
The antivirus executable could not be found at /usr/bin/clamscan`

I have installed Clam AV but it isn’t working, showing the errors above. I imagine its because of the SNAP install as that has given me other areas. Any help, very welcome.


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Hello, I’m running into the same problem without SNAP installation, using same Intel NUC, 20.04, the newest nextcloud. What to do? Thanks!

How did you install Nextcloud? Did you used some premade scripts ot did you install it yourself?

Without scripts, on brand new Intel NUC from total scratch yesterday including 20.04 LTS server.

Here is a guide Nextcloud absichern mit ClamAV – Carsten Rieger IT-Services (in german, otherwise you can translate it with google translator)

You could also have a look at this script for some inspiration:

Thank you very much! I got it working and tested succesfully with Eicar viruses, but not with Daemon socket. Clamav works now as an executable. It says that clamd.ctl not found. But I’m happy with this, if this works as it now does :slight_smile:

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