Nextcloud SMS: Problem to create an account


I installed nextcloud on my server and davx5 on the phone with f-droid.
nextcloud version 17.

My phone: android 9

I configured nextcloud with an account from my server.

All this works.

After I installed nextcloud sms on the phone and nextcloud ocsms on the server.
nextcloud sms version 2.05

I have 2 sim cards in the phone so 2 lists of messages.

When I open nextcloud sms on the phone I need to set up an account and that’s what I can not do.

I put the url of my server and the login and password of the same account that I put with davx5.

He tells me that the account already exists.
and when i go to ‘my accounts’ in nextcloud sms, no account …

If you had an idea