NextCloud Slow Uploading Information


I am new with nextcloud. I did an installation using the guide process posted on the official page. I did all the tunning proceses recomended for them in php, mysql-mariadb, apache, etc. The problem is when I try to upload “huge” information. For example lot of files at same time with “long routes” (ej: /share/information/POT/10k/…/ ETC.) or files that has a “big” size for example 5Gb or more. Inmediatly my server starts to be really slow, nextcloud starts to work slow and it is almost imposible working on it. Basically I have to restart my machine. I have installed webmin for check the current proceses when I upload information to Nextcloud and checking it, I can see that between mysql and another processes asociated to Nextloud overload to 80% of my procesor. what could be the problem?

My system is the nextone:

Operating System: Ubuntu Server 16.04, Data Base Server: MariaDB, procesor: Intel® Xeon® Gold 6132 CPU @ 2.60GHz 8 cores, Ram: 8 Gb, Disk: 5 Tb Avaible for nextcloud, php version: 7.3