Nextcloud slow upload/download when from public ip, but not from private ip or external ip

So I have NextCloud installed on TrueNas Scale (TrueNas is on proxmox) in VM. I have it installed without docker or aio installer. I have setup everything perfect fine, but only problem I have slow down/up speeds on local network. I have pointed domain to my public ip and it works normaly. Page loads and everything, just slow up/down speeds. I get these slow speeds only when accessing nextcloud on local network with domain name/public ip. If I do with private ip or go on vpn/external network the speeds are good. I have 1000/200 ISP. I tried also with reverse proxy and same speed. So I dont know what would be problem or it is just how this work. In VM I put 5GB and 3cores cpu. Database is on RPI4 in docker. I anyone have any suggestions or help, I would appreciate the help. If you need more info about config and these things I can provide more.

not anymore a problem! Admins can delete this!

How did you solve it?

Oh, sorry…I just switch reverse proxy from NPM to haproxy on pfsense…and now all works as intended.