Nextcloud slow after upgrade to NC 20

After the auto-update to version 20.0.2 of the Nextcloud snap the system ran horribly. The fix for me was to disable Collabora after which it ran as fast as ever.


yup your fix worked for me after same 20.0.2snap2 update sent server into crawl mode… cheers

Had the exact same problem as ladle-hill and Ben_Thompson and can confirm disabling Collaboro fixed it.

I have the same problem. Just disabled and it works great again.

-EDIT: I also noticed that my server showed => There is 1 zombie process. when I would login to the server. Now that I’ve disabled Collabora the zombie process is gone.


Nextcloud snap has just updated to 20.0.3snap.1 and the problem with Collabora still persists. I will raise an issue on Github.

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Not surprisingly, many people have beaten me to it! It looks like an upstream issue with Collabora.