Nextcloud SIP client application required


I am looking for someone to develop a SIP client application for nextcloud 11 and 12
The sip client should be webrtc protocol based. Work with Freepbx based ippbx.
The sip client should be able to connect using wss secure webrtc.
Voice and video calls , initially voice will be okay.
SIP Server is next to the nextcloud server therefore no external ip to be used because I do not want to expose the
sip server to the outside world.
What is important is that the sip client should be able to extract the user name and pass from the nextcloud
similar to the way XMPP, Spreed and rainloop work.

I am not a developer hence I seek someone to make this app or help me with guidance to make it.
Ready to pay for the developer should anyone be interested.

Hello How come no one is interested ? where are the freelancers out there ?

What differs talking over e.g. the app Video Calls from your SIP app?

Also, I think that making a statement of what your budget is would be a good start.

The SIP application is independent of The spreed and spreedme apps already implemented into nextcloud.
SIP depends on a core engine , say asterisk Kamailio Elastix…and it allows you to make tel calls from wherever you are on the move. Tel calls using your corporate landlines so your clients will not be able to recognize your actual location.

The sip app I am looking for should be able to work with asterisk version 13 and above.
I did not want to go into much technical details as I wanted the developer to propose or to negotiate a solution or a design.
There are many ways of doing it, it could be WEBRTC based or PSJIP or normal SIP protocol.
This same SIP app can also support Video and Voice as well.
Half of the work is done in github
JSSIP, ctxsip, sipml5, doubango and Janus are some examples.

In my opinion JSSIP (Voice and Video , webrtc based) as well as ctxsip (webrtc, voice only) could be the best candidates and the easiest to implement.
My budget depends on the final outcome , I am looking for a fair and decent proposition.

Hi Giorgio,
I do have a genius java programmer for JSSIP, feel free to get in touch with me if you still need a developer.

@cloudpros Hi Tim,
Please check your e-mail

In this tutorial, I will guide you to build your own chat application with SIP calling . This tutorial had explained step by step details of how to build sip calling, technology stack, architecture, etc.

Hi giorgio09, could you do the integration? Maybe you recommended the developer? At the moment I need to do the same. thanks in advance for any information