Nextcloud( shared folders on different hdd's?)

Hi i am using the latest nextcloud 15 version on my custom desktop server that runs ubuntu server 18.

I have nextcloud running on it which all works fine across multiple devices i have at home., however, just like dropbox, it seems that all the data i wish to sync from nextcloud, gets stored on one location and hdd.

I have my main desktop pc here that houses multiple hdd’s serving different purposes ie one hdd has windows and programs installed, another with my RAW videos, another with RAW pictures.

Right now, i have to specify one hdd location where nextcloud client lives and syncs data into so if i want to sync my raw images and videos, i need to merge them into one location that nextcloud points to.

My question is, is it possible to seperate this and set each nextcloud sync folder’s location individually?

ie. nextcloud > imagesRaw, nextcloud > videoRaws

imageRaws = D drive on client pc
VideoRaws = E drive on client pc

A server usually runs continuously without any power-down time, but a desktop PC is normally shut-down after it is not required anymore. Therefore I wouldn’t recommend to use an external storage on a desktop PC which is not always available. Additionally bigger hard disks are not really expensive these days so I couldn’t see a reason why not moving the data to the central server. (More important is that your backup concept has been tested and is working :wink:)

Nevertheless you should be able to use that storage as long as you can mount it from within Nextcloud. The external storage configuration allows to mount drives using different protocols, like FTP, SMB, WebDAV, etc.

Hi there. It’s not an external hdd. It’s a internal hdd.
My desktop has many internal hdd connected through the motherboard

Sorry, I over-read that your server is also your desktop, because you used drive letters which is normally a Windows mechanism to access data. You should be able to mount drives locally on your Linux server too.

No that’s not what I meant. Have you used nextcloud on a client machine?

When you do and login to view and pick what folders you want to sync. It syncs everything in one location. Let’s say c:/nextcloud.

Here is an example of my use case.

Next cloud server has folder a and folder b

My windows machine has two internal drives. C: and D:

I wish to sync and put folderA into c:/nextcloud/folderA and put folderB into d:/nextcloud/folderB

Ok, understood. Afaik, that’s not possible at the moment.