Nextcloud setup on unraid

so i have been trying this for a while now, i just decided to start fresh. I deleted all my containers on unraid and started again.

But now when i install nextcloud i cant get in to the start setup page.
The log is showing this:
Exception: Not installed in /config/www/nextcloud/lib/base.php:281

Stack trace:

#0 /config/www/nextcloud/lib/base.php(697): OC::checkInstalled()

#1 /config/www/nextcloud/lib/base.php(1165): OC::init()

#2 /config/www/nextcloud/cron.php(43): require_once(β€˜β€¦β€™)

#3 {main}

And my config.php only has these lines:

$CONFIG = array (
'memcache.local' => '\\OC\\Memcache\\APCu',
'datadirectory' => '/data',
'instanceid' => 'ocyifyyw4c4g',

What approach did you use to install/deploy your NC stack?

There are many, and even more on Unraid.


Without that context, it’ll be near impossible to help you!

I have been following this guide: Nextcloud install on Unraid - LinuxServer

So i basically installed mariadb, and configured it according to the guide. And then went on to installing the nextcloud docker, and when trying to access the first time setup on loca ip i cant connect.

I just tried again following the guide you linked. And its installing now.
Now i just need to get remote access working.

Thanks for the link!

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