Nextcloud server is not connected to the internet, but it is so whats wrong?

Hello everyone,

I’m having problems with my Nextcloud server, there is no issue from the server to contact the internet but I still get the “Server has no working internet connection” error.

My setup is the following:

OS: Centos8
Nextcloud version 18.0.3
Mariadb version 10.4.12
Nginx version 1.17.10
PHP version 7.4

I have looked at some of the same issues online and have activated
‘has_internet_connection’ => true,

But it doesn’t change a thing.

Thank you for anyone helping.

Have you tried to use the search function of the forum first to find an answer. because this kind of question is being asked and answered on a regular base.

I am having exactlly the same problem : nextcloud says it is not connected to the internet even if I can access to it from outside…

I mean DNS redirection is done, port 80 and 443 are open on my router and internet provider, and I am able to connect to the cloud from outside my local network berfectly… but, the server itself has no internet connection, which means I can’t do updates, send or receive mails, download apps, etc…

You have any clues why?

Hi @TicTacMint

Did you follow the link in the post, that is marked as a solution…? Im pretty sure the answer is in one of the search results you’ll get with it. :wink:

Ok, after searching a lot, my problem was the configuration of dnsmasq
I had to turn it down… Dunno why, I think there is a conflict with my internet provider…

=> hope it can help someone with same symptoms : server not connected to internet (so no updates or mails), but nextcloud is still accessible in remote (I could load or download files to the cloud from outside local network)