NextCloud Server Crash

Ubuntu Server Crashed and can still see files but cannot run install over top because hard drives are full and I cannot know the directories where I can dump data that I don’t need. I can see everything I think in recovery mode but new at this and do not know what to back up… Need some help

do not know what to back up

  • Nextcloud specific answer: your entire database and your configured datadirectory. General backup resources[1].

  • General sysadmin answer: back up everything you can get access to since you won’t know until later what you really need

  • Additionally, you may want to check some of the general Ubuntu forums and resources elsewhere on the Internet

[1] Maintenance — Nextcloud latest Administration Manual latest documentation

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Solution on server crash
I was able to get the server running by creating a bootable Ubuntu USB Stick and deleting server backups that happened this weekend. I am just not not sure why it ran serveral backups on the same day and each backup was almost 300 gigs.

Original problem before crash
Client files were not syncing with the Nestcloud Database so I created new folders in the non syncing folder. Still wasn’t working so I installed the OCC App from the Web and tried to run maintenance but it didn’t seem to work correctly. It kept saying the server is in maintenance mode and I couldnt run anything after it did that. it would come back and let me use the Dashboard but if I touched OCC it would go into Maintenance mode. i then upgraded NextCloud and clients to the latest version to see if that would solve the problem but that is when it crashed.

So here are my 3 questions.
How to I stop backups from happening all the time or did it do a backup everytime I tried to use OCC Web?

How to I run maintenance on the Nextcould Database?
I uninstalled the OCC App from the Web so how to I install OCC on the correct database and run it locally on the server?

Lastly, what is the best way to backup the server? I have a Synology NAS Box that I can run a disk duplication or backup so what is the best way to do that?


Please do not use Occ Web. Please use with cli (ssh) see here.

I figured, I think when I tried it created a backup each time and crashed the server with 4 backups… I’ll setup ssh…