Nextcloud server, Cloudflare tunnel, Docker

I’m playing around on an old computer with a fresh install of openSUSE and thought I’d try creating a Nextcloud server. I’ve got it installed and accessible using my computer’s IP and using DDNS but I’m having difficulty setting it up with a Cloudflare tunnel. I’ve had all sorts of things pop up in the browser, usually ‘Bad Gateway’. There’s lots of youtube videos and websites describing how to do it but I’ve found they’re making it more complicated than necessary, at least I feel they are! I’m trying to stick to the instructions on the Nextcloud website/github.

I’ve been following…

For me to list off all the things I’ve tried would make for a very long and boring read but I’ve spent all day on it! I’m probably tripping up on step 1 in the link above so it’s probably best to iron out that first!

I’m setting up the tunnel using the docker command generated by Cloudflare. I’m not entirely sure where my tunnel should point? Step 1 in the link above seems to suggest “host.docker.internal:$APACHE_PORT” provided I add “–add-host=host.docker.internal:host-gateway” to the docker command generated by Cloudflare.

Is this correct or am I understanding it wrong?

It also says I need to disable Cloudflare’s Rocket Loader feature, which I have done. I have also added “–env SKIP_DOMAIN_VALIDATION=true” to the Nextcloud command.

Thank you for any help!

That sounds accurate. APACHE_PORT should be 11000 unless you’ve changed it from the default.