Nextcloud send updates to meeting invitations when restarted

I needed to restart my server today for reasons unrelated to Nextcloud. The server does have a docker container running Nexcloud.

When restarting the docker container Nextcloud sent updates of existing meetings in the calendar to the participants. It is not the first time I observe this behavior.

Any Idea what is going on and Is there any way to prevent Nextcloud from doing so?

This can’t actually be the case. When apache2/nginx is restarted, nothing happens with the Nextcloud. Jobs are actually only triggered by Cron, Webcron or AJAX. Which of these do you use?

I use Cron which I start outside of the container

docker exec -u www-data nextcloud php -f /var/www/html/cron.php

Ok. And if you restart your server is this executed? Or if you execute it, is there always the same problem?

I rebooted the whole server. This includes restarting docker which includes restarting Nextcloud, Redis and Maria.

I actually don’t want really to retest because the mails went out to my customers and I already got two calls what this is about. But I remember I had a similar problem before.

Nextcloud is not really a running software to restart. There is a running apache2/nginx and only a lot of php files on the hdd/ssd and nothing happens. Only when Nextcloud is used or Cron is called.

Ok, this helps already.

Maybe there is a problem related to vdrsync which I am using as well to sync calendar entries, which in turn somehow updates the calendar entries when restarting. Only there is nothing which should happen, because the calendar entries were made last week and have been synced before already.

Maybe some issue with the WebDav Calendar updates.

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