Nextcloud Security Scan showing different version than I see in Nexcloud

So, maybe not a major problem, but certainly a curiosity.

In my Nextcloud SettingsAdministrationOverview, I see for version:

Nextcloud 22.2.0
Your version is up to date.

But if I put in my FQDN in the Nextcloud Security Scan, it shows:

Running Nextcloud

NOT on latest patch level

I did somewhat recently upgrade, so I guess that’s what’s throwing off the scan. But how long should I wait? Or do I need to do a system restart every time I upgrade Nextcloud? Or is there something else I should have done?

the scan is not automatically up to date- it shows previous result if any. you have to press the button to re-trigger scan - after few minutes it should reflect the current state.

Yep, it now shows the correct versionn. Thanks!

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You can also use the url
to get the release number

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