Nextcloud Security Scan doesn't work

Hello all,

the Nextcloud Security Scan doesn’t work, there is a bug in your JavaScript code.

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Robert Quint

Can you please share more info about the bug that you’ve discovered?

My Dev Tool show me a grave accent after the if-else-clause for the endOfLifeHtml
var endOfLifeHtml = ‘’;
if (!data.EOL) {
endOfLifeHtml = ’ Major version still supported’;
} else {
endOfLifeHtml = ’ Major version NOT supported’;

if (data.rating < 4) {
$(’’, {
html: ‘Your instance has known vulnerabilities, below you can see a list of them. Learn more about our security efforts.’,


since updating to Nextcloud 21 the security scanner never finishes for my domain. It keeps showing a spinner forever:

Seems like the scanner is in a broken state. How to fix it?


  • David also does not work for Nextcloud 20. I think the software is broken.

Thanks for confirming devnull, I created a bug on github.


edlerd - I saw that the github issue was closed as it was resolved for devnull but was the scanner fixed in general for everyone or is this a case-by-case fix? I have a personal nextcloud and a work nextcloud instance I stood up and both aren’t working on the security scanner either.

The scanner works now and the general error is resolved.
Maybe it is something with the config of your web server? Have you checked logs while scanning?