Nextcloud security and stability updates are here!

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Today, Nextcloud has published new updates for its supported releases, continuing its mission to bring you a secure, reliable private cloud solution. The updates bring stability and security improvements and, as always, we strongly recommend users to upgrade. Read on to find out what has changed.


Major changes include:
  • LDAP handling fixes
  • Add profile data to provisioning api
  • Fix detection of new iOS app
  • Make sure invalid images don't flood the log file
  • Improvements to Activities app
  • Fixes to ServerInfo
  • minor app description fixes
  • Various other stability and security improvements
You can find more details and downloads for 10.0.4 and 9.0.57 in the changelog. If you wish to be kept up to date on future release announcements, subscribe to our release announcement newsletter.

Get Nextcloud 11.0.2 from our download page and let us know what you think below!


Works fine :slight_smile:

And nice to see 100% polish language (over 20% made myself :P)

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No problems here either.

One weird thing tho’…

It says “your version is up to date” on the admin page and the pop-up text on the mouse over says “Checked on january 1, 1970 at 1:00:00 am”.

My computer’s time is set correctly.

Absolutely painless upgrade.
I do wish it’d stop disabling my theme though :slight_smile:

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I am wondering what would be the easiest way to update my Nextcloud 10 installation to v10.0.4?
The updater app (production channel) only offers an upgrade to v11, but I want to stay with v10 for now. Is there another way than performing a manual update?

Thanks a lot,

Hmm, since according to upgrades you can only specify the channel, I see no way to do a webui upgrade to lastest nc 10. But indeed this it would be nice, if one could choose to stay at the current major version tree. This could be realized via new upgrade channel, or the production channel could be used for that, since the stable channel already points to the newest major release.
Moreover it would be great if one could choose the exakt major and minor release to upgrade to. The only question is, if this is actually wanted. For now a lot of effort is spent to force people to fast upgrade to the newest major release.

€: Upgrade from 11.0.2 RC2 to 11.0.2 via updater app worked fine for me :+1:

Absolutely painless upgrade. In fact, I have to say that I find keeping Nextcloud up to date is probably the easiest thing… It just works!

That said, it would be great if there was a ‘batch’ way to re-enable custom apps etc.

Also, are there any plans on including themes with Nextcloud in any upcoming versions? I know that a couple of items can be themed, but are there plans to include say a light and dark colour scheme by default?

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I don’t think so, but it isn’t that crazy super hard, I think… put server in maintenance mode, copy config.php, remove old files, put new in place, put back config.php, run update from CLI and turn of maintenance mode. Good luck :smiley:

Update worked perfectly! Thanks to all the poeple who worked for it!

it works but not that much, 2 issues :
yesterday, after upgrade, it was impossible to re-enable the contacts app

  • the contacts app was not in core anymore
    today morning enabling contacts, work in just few seconds
    please note in the interval I had sabre logs about vcards checking issues while contacts app was not enabled !

second issue : for the first time I had files integrity checks failures :
core/doc/user/pim/sync_kde.html & other related files

I dont know how to fix it

In any event, thanks to everybody for the work