Nextcloud scan files error help

Configuration errors have been detected.
Some files did not pass the integrity check. List of invalid files… Repeat scan… For more information, refer to the documentation.
The log contains 4 entries about errors that have occurred since July 4, 2024, 15:53:19
The start time of the maintenance period is not configured. This means that resource-intensive daily background tasks will be performed during primary use. It is recommended to set the time during a period of low activity in order to reduce the impact of performing resource-intensive procedures on users. For more information, refer to the documentation.
Migration of one or more mimetype file types is available. Sometimes new mimetype file types are added to improve working with certain file types. Migrating mimetype file types takes a long time in large instances, so it is not done automatically during the upgrade. Use the `occ’ command

I tried ./occ maintenance:update:htaccess
./occ integrity:check-core - no error
files:scan - no error
files:scan-app-data - no error
how to avoid at least the first mistake?
nextcloud has been update to 29.0.3
update completed according to instructions Upgrade manually — Nextcloud latest Administration Manual latest documentation

Hi @mean2701,

Your post is missing essential information, you did simply brush aside the support template. Furthermore you did obviously not read the manual or used the search function of the forum.

These are very common error messages and there are already multiple topics in the forum about it.

If your nextcloud is a baremetal installation (no Docker, no AIO, no Snap, no ncp) on a debian/ubuntu system - which I can not know because you skipped the support template - then this error:

… can simply be fixed with the nc-integrity-fix script ←

I hope this resolves your integrity check issue!

Much and good luck,

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nextcloud was updated strictly according to the instructions, there were no errors before this version, what does the script do?
Service launched on Centos 8
httpd+php-fpm is used