NextCloud scalling on multiple servers (but not by making them redundant), simply keep the same URL


I am interested in creating multiple nextcloud machines that would host different data. However, I am quite unsure about how to do it.

Here is the setup I would create :

  • 2 server with nextcloud with 2 raids 1 disks
  • 2 servers with some raid1 that are perfect copy to have 100% uptime
  • 2 ha proxy one to failover

But here is my issue. I don’t want to have something named and but rather having all instances under and even if both of these machines have different data. I know that for login I could use SSO or something like that but what’s about this “separation” while still being under the same URL?

Are there any possibilities to do that?

I think this is part of an enterprise feature:

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This topic could help you Help needed to setup a NC14 cluster

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Read perhaps for big installations

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