Nextcloud SAML SSO Authentication through Microsoft Azure Active Directory


I have configured at Microsoft Azure to automatically login to Nextcloud with SsO. The advantage is a user in MS azure can also login to Nextcloud and can save documents.

I have used that documentation for configuration:

Now at Windows clients the SSO (Single Sign On) login to Nextcloud works well.

But at IOS Devices for example Ipads Version 14. not work. I get a failure message when enter the URL of the nextcloud instance: Certificat is not valid. Connection will refused.

The nextcloud version is very actual and is hosted at a host Provider.

Can somebody help me Preise?

Türkay Caglayan

Turkay bey merhaba, is this problem still ongoing? We are planning to embark on the same project and ios access is critical, any pointers would be most appreciated