Nextcloud review


Quick Nextcloud review.

Here are the main problems we have :

  • Very bad video meetings. Very unstable, Unusable.
  • Impossibility to edit sent message in Talk
  • No real wiki solution. Sorry but the the collectives are too buggy and too basic. The documentation is pretty much none existant.

The good :

  • the mind map tool. very nice.

Unfortunatly because of the bad video meetings and lack of a real wiki and collaborative easy solutions, we are looking into an alternative solution.

just wanted to give you the feedback.

I think Nextcloud Talk is a good software. Unfortunately, the installation and configuration is not easy. Do you use the High-Performance Back-end (HPB)? Maybe you need only a Nextcloud Talk hoster e.g. (Struktur AG).

Would you mind elaborating on which bugs you encountered when trying out Collectives? Also, which features do you miss the most there? Iā€™m curious to learn what can be improved :slight_smile: