Nextcloud & Reverse Proxy Setup - Limited Transfer Speeds

Hello everyone,

I’m in need of some assistance with my Nextcloud setup and am turning to this community for help. I’ve been diligently working on installing Nextcloud and Nextcloud AIO across various platforms, including Unraid, Proxmox, Cosmos OS, Casa OS, and TrueNAS. Despite my efforts, I’m facing a significant challenge with transfer speeds when using reverse proxies.

Locally, my transfer speed is impressive, reaching up to 980mbps. However, when I introduce a reverse proxy into the mix – having tried Nginx Proxy Manager, NPM Plus, Traefik, and Caddy – the speed falls dramatically to about 60 to 100mbps. Considering I have a gigabit internet connection, this drop is quite perplexing. With Nginx Proxy Manager, specifically, I noticed that disabling “force SSL” and “HTTP/2 support” boosts the speed slightly to between 120 to 180mbps, but it’s still far from satisfactory.

Additionally, I’ve attempted to use Cloudflare Tunnel, but encountered another issue there. Files larger than 100MB fail to upload, and I discovered that this usage is against their terms of service.

My network hardware includes a TP-Link Omada ER 605 router and a TP-Link TL SG 2008 switch. For reference, my internet speed tests show:

  • Ping: 1 ms
  • Download: 980 Mbps
  • Upload: 760 Mbps

I’m at a loss as to why implementing a reverse proxy is causing such a drastic reduction in transfer speeds, and why Cloudflare Tunnel isn’t a viable solution due to its limitations and terms of service. Is there a configuration I’m overlooking, or are these known issues with the tools I’m using? Has anyone experienced similar problems and found effective solutions?

Any advice, suggestions, or guidance from the community would be immensely valuable. Thank you so much in advance for your help!

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