Nextcloud releases / stable /etc

i am running Nextcloud 24.0.10
but i am bit confused… where i can find out information what version is stable? is latest 25x stable?

is it good idea to upgrate to 25x?


Hmm… “stable” is a matter of opinion and perspective. The company will probably say the very first release is stable due to their extensive testing, and this was why the production release branch was discontinued. Others might say when you’ve made all the fixes you can find and patched a dozen times and moved on to the next major release, then the old one is stable. Personally I tend to think a thing is stable usually after two patches are released.

Version 25 has been out for a while, and they’re in testing for version 26 now, so I would say it’s stable enough.

opening this again …
i am googling for a while … still cant see any simple page where its written
which Version Code is Stable?

@devnull the page u posted shows the version numbers etc but release channels are missing ?:frowning:


All currently maintained releases at any given point in time are part of the Stable release channel.

At the moment, the latest stable is NC27. But NC26 and NC25 are also part of the Stable channel.

For the most part, unless you’re an enterprise customer (running the Production channel) or a tester (running Beta) or a developer (running Daily), you are by definition on the Stable channel.

You may, however, refuse to upgrade and end up on an unmaintained Stable channel release. For example, if you were to run <=NC24 at the moment you’d be running an unmaintained release, but it was still released via the Stable channel.

To find out which releases are currently maintained and their estimated remaining maintenance life see:

To an idea of how mature a given Stable release is, you can look at the minor patch level and changelog.

For example, NC27 is only up to v27.0.1 as of 7/20/2023. For some people that’s relatively aggressive release to run. For others, they want to run the latest and greatest. Bug fixes (patches) are regularly released for all maintained major versions. NC26 is up to v26.0.4 as of 7/20/2023 and NC25 is the most field proven and up to v25.0.9 as of 7/20/2023.

At the start of a new release not all get the release with stable-channel.