Nextcloud redirect after installation

Hello there :slight_smile:
I’m still having a problem, with the wrong redirect after a fresh installation like mentioned here in the last comment:

After a fresh installation there is a redirect to the “dashboard”, but the host url is missing.

This is my script and the vhost I’m using:

change_path will be replaced with /nextcloud/ in the installation.

After the wrong redirect, going back in the browser fixes the problem and I can use nextcloud and there is no error except the mentioned one on github.

I just created a new account because I’m having the same problem and the suggested solutions were not working for me.

I was finally able to log in using another browser: Firefox. So the problem might be in combination with Chrome after a fresh install (that’s the browser I was using). After logging in with firefox I was able to login with chrome normally. Probably because no redirect is happening anymore.

My chrome version is: MacOS Version 115.0.5790.170 (Official Build) (x86_64)