NextCloud recommended Hosting services in germany

Hi there,

I am about to look for a new hosting provider, since I am not to happy with the performance of the current hoster. I am basically looking for a managed server with good SSD performance, since I am not an admin myself.

Two questions:

1.) for what technical options should I be looking to find a good hoster for running our NC installation on a hosted enviroment? Any special operating system or something else? (I am reading a lot of words like Ubuntu, Apache, Irynx or whatever - are there some keywords which would be ideal for NC?)

2.) Also anybody has concrete recommendations for hosters in germany? Since I am not an admin, I need good support who helps me through technical issues when necessary, so I prefer quality and support over the lowest price.


Hi lex,

please contact us via email. We can offer you a managed Server with SSD and Nextcloud.

Best regards,

Hi Lex,

1.) SSL/TLS encryption (https) is very important.
2.) Yes :wink: You can give me a call or write me an email. I’m sure, we find a solution.

Have a great weekend.

I’ve had a very good experience with LinuxFabrik re: support.
Look for a provider that offers NC as a service, not cloud hosting with NC as an add on feature. You’ll know they provide full NC support if that’s the product they’re trying to sell, (vs. a hosting company with a NC logo as a software option on their servers.)

Thanks for those answers so far.

Generally, our NC installation on a managed hosting seems to do fine, so I am not sure if I really would need “managed Nextcloud”. But I will check out LinuxFabrik and have an extra look at rackspeed, which does offer Nextcloud.

I hear a lot of good about Hetzner, through.

@lex may be you should mention what kind of nextcloud user you are.
family guy to share documents with wife and kids. student single user with some mobile foto uploads. enterprise with > 2k users with legal docs that should be archived for at least 10 years.

enterprise with >20 users, website with probably 10.000 to 20.000 hits a month.

I would opt for professional company, which is here to stay and provides good support where you are not just a number. probably managing a WP installation also, but focus is quality, speed and support.

Hetzner is okay. You can use the newly created cloud offerings.
I’m running a zabbix server there. No complaints.