Nextcloud Questions



I want to purchase the 500GB VM image. Before this, I would like to ask if the Nextcloud can do what I want.
(1) My co-workers should be able to upload files to me. (They should be able to use their Gmail account to sign in and upload)
(2) After upload, Nextcloud should be able to send a notification email (folder specific), For example, If my con-workers upload a file to a folder called “ProjectA”, it will send an email to and so on.
(3) My co-workers should not be able to delete files that not belong to their update.



for 1. Possible i guess. (
for 2 (a). Send notification possible with activity app.
for 2 (b). if the folder ProjectA is owned by a user with the email address, yes.
for 3. Don’t know exactly what you mean. In generell users can only delete their own data.

definitly possible… easiest way to achieve it: setup their accounts with their gmail-emailaddress (or limit access to your server to only.

(2) and (3) answered by @himbeere

where from? if you wanna purchase something it’s always good to ask before buying. but best would be asking the seller directly what would be possible… :wink:

Here: UK$20. Pre-installed. I haven’t purchased it yet

The VM images are not free? I always thought so…

40GB VM image is free
500GB, 1TB and 2TB is not.

there are “upload-only” links to folder.
no login, no account needed, no way to delete anything for your co-workers.

goto: create your demo nc.
select a folder. select details. sharing/teilen.

you get a link like this:***mi/s/i89nmSZ******y7