Nextcloud Push Notification on Windows

we are currently running nextcloud 22.2.3 with notify push enabled.

We want to use Talk als our main method to communicate in our company but there is a slight issue with it: The user is not notified when he gets a new message. Furthermore, they have to actively look for new messages either in the Windows-Client or on the Website.

Is it possible for the Client so send Push notifications to Windows like for example Outlook does when a new Mail arrives? And how do i set it up?

Sincerely Paul

in general it is expected to happen. I run Talk on my private instance and I can confirm there are notifications in Talk… make sure you run the version from Google Play store as F-droid version doesn’t support push due to lack of Google APIs. And I would recommend to exclude the app from battery saving…

But it is true Notifications and especially Ringing for incoming calls is somehow unstable with Talk but I didn’t spend much time with it till now…

The Notifications on the Android App are working, but i am talking about the windows client.

as long you have a browser tab logged in to your NC instance and allow notification from your NC instance you they pop up almost instant… you see them on the client as well but AFAIK there is no use of Talk notification within Desktop Client