"Nextcloud providers" on the web page

Dear Nextloud-Experts,
I just came back from the FOSDEM 2020 in Brussels, where I have discussed some issues and ideas about Nextcloud. I’m really excited about Nextcloud and am on the way to perform some extended installation test on my Linux VMs.
One question regarding the web page:

1.) When I’m looking on google for the keywords “Nextcloud+Providers” the following link will be found without any issues:
But going directly to the web page, I’m not able to find this link. Maybe I’ve simply overseen it? Or is it already invalid, since there is also the page “About / Partners”?
2.) When changing from nextcloud/providers to nextcloud/signup the first provider is being displayed. So far, so good. But there is no link to the listed provider. This could be helpful. For me it was quite confusing, but it might be a part of your business strategy to not provide directly the link at this place? than it’s ok.

The provider link if I’m not mistaken is if you want to sign up for a single account more for private use. That one is used from the clients.

The partner page is if you want assistance as a company.