Nextcloud provider; recommendations for a home user


I’m an end user, that consumes cloud services like those offered by Google. I’d like to detach from Google so I looked into Nextcloud. In their Web Site, when searching for a test of use, they conducted me automatically to one of their providers, Hostiso, where I’m testing functionality on contact lists, document storage, notes, calendar. So far so good, having all these areas on sync with my devices. Yet at the end, I’d like to be with a Nextcoud provided that cares for my data and privacy, as a better alternative to Google cloud services. Would there be other options you may recommend, where I can have the confidence that my data is safe, and have good customer care? Its home and personal use; no corporate needs.

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1 Like or linuxfabrik are probably your best bets. actually pays the developers of nextcloud for support, there aren’t any other hosts that do that.

Note that hasn’t launched yet, they just offer a free 2gb version if you choose them when installing the nextcloud desktop client and select them.

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Where are you located?

Ok, thank you

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I’m in Mexico

Netherlands - North America share the same pipe AFAIK

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This will probably tell you where your closest provider is, or you can check the providers page.

Hopefully it is not too late. Neurotech Telecom is a regional ISP in Mexico. They use and host NextCloud for private clients. - from free to business packages:

  • FREE 3 GB with large amount of free apps, onlyoffice, talk, notes, gallery, audio.
  • Basic Cloud from 4$ for 100GB, extra GB is only 0.02$ per GB, up to 5 TB, full install, admin panel, cPanel, email, ssl, and much more, fully managed and supported.
  • VPS and dedicated solutions , fully managed and supported.
  • Locations : Canada, Singapore, Germany, France, USA
  • Extra for FREE : SSL, support, upgrades, migration and more …