Nextcloud presentation at school, Nov 24th, 2016

On Nov 24th, I was invited to present FLOSS related. Check my report on openSUSE Project. Second subject I covered was cloud services.

First I started to explain what is cloud and how we use it today. Students, although they use cloud everyday, they didn’t know that they do. I pointed out that our data are stored somewhere and they wait for someone to filter them. The sentence “I don’t have something to hide from anyone” is wrong. One solution to this need is using Nextcloud.

I showed them very fast how to install it (a question popped up how to install a LAMP server). After installing there was how to use Nextcloud, something closer to end user.

Most questions were the space that Nextcloud provide and where they can install it (an old system at home). I knew that there will be a question, so I had a slide about Nextcloud box.

As next step, professors will organize a workshop at school about how to install it on an ARM board (or an old computer).

I had some stickers left from the conference.
I had a slide where they can find help and our Greek Facebook Group link for their questions.

I would like to thank Jos Poortvliet for helping me to make the presentation file and Alexandros Mouhtsis that managed with his professors to organize this presentation. Finally, I would like to thank Dimitrios Katsikas for taking pictures.

PS to admins: Please move this to an Events category. I didn’t see one.


If there is a growing Greek community, we could also extend our international section.

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There is. Not enough members yet but there is.
Here is our Facebook Group.


Awesome, Stathis, super cool!

Wohoo, great stuff @iosifidis! :slight_smile:

Is there also a regular meetup somewhere in Greece? We could add it on Meetup so it shows up with out other cool community meetups:

Hello @jan, not sure if we meet regular enough to add it to We cannot support it financially (although I’m not sure about the fee).
Soon, will write another report for a presentation.

@iosifidis if you feel like you can organize a meetup every 2 months or ideally every month then that would be cool! In the other cities we mostly do it in an active manner: people help develop, design, translate and more.

Fee-wise we have a Nextcloud account on which we also use for the other meetups. So I could create one for you. Just let me know. :slight_smile:

@jan yes, I can do that. Every 2 months is doable. Will try every month. Translate and design are the best to start such meetings. Testing too. How can we start this? Let’s contact PM.