Nextcloud & Pi-Hole Clash


I’ve installed Pi-Hole on my Raspberry Pi 4 but, because Apache was already installed, I didn’t install lighttpd. I’m getting occasional conflicts (server outages) on Nextcloud which I assume is because the two applications clash because they use the same port. I’m assuming that the conflict is occurring between the two apps; the clashes seemed to start only after I installed Pi-Hole.

Assuming I’m correct, my options appear to be:

  • Reconfigure Nextcloud to use a different port: I’m unconvinced this can be done as nextcloud seems to only use ports 80 & 443.
  • Uninstall Pi-Hole and install for a different port: I’d reinstall using lighttpd and configure that to use a port other than 80 or 443.
  • Uninstall Pi-Hole and install on an alternate device: I have a Pi 3 but I’d prefer to use the same device.