Nextcloud performance and way to improve it?

Hello all,

I have installed and I use Nextcloud since three months.

I have some performance issues.

When I rename a directory, delete it, copy file or other action like this, it take a lot of time (~ 10 sec and more).
It’s not every time, but at random moments.

Open a file (like *.xlsx file) also take a lot of time (~ 5 sec).

I use Onlyoffice, the onlyoffice server is in LXD container on the same host that Nextcloud.

I run Nextcloud on a server with the following config :

CPU : 2xcore 3GHz
RAM : 16 Go
Nextcloud version : 23.0.1
Nextcloud data are on a SSD.
OS : Ubuntu 20.04
(Nextcloud is in LXD container)

I have tried all tutorial (official and not official) to tune my Nextcloud.

I think that the origin of the problem is my server and its hardware configuration (10 years old).

What do you think about my problem ?

Thank you in advance !



Move onlyoffice to a different server. The processor cannot handle it.

Try disabling onlyoffice and see how performance improves. You will want to upgrade.


I guess you need more CPU Cores. Depending on your active simultaneous user count, increase the number of available Cores. Also look into your network, make sure it’s not a bottlenecking factor.

Check your VM to Client raw network speed and raw file transfer speeds. Make sure that you are getting proper performance natively before tuning NextCloud if there are any mismatches !!


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With Nextcloud 24 the performance was improved (Video “Nextcloud announcement & live Q&A”). I think that you can already feel something. But i think that does not really solve your problem. But the performance advantages alone make an upgrade worthwhile.

if your hardware is not good, you will never get a fast instance. If you still want to get the best out of what you have now, you definitely want to upgrade to the last minor release of 23, or to 24, there have been a lot of efforts in performance. You could also experiment with disabling your apps one by one to see if any of those makes an impact.

yes, agree!

That’s not very specific. Did you tune database caches, did you use the memory caches (redis apcu)?

Do you run in CPU limits, RAM limits, i/o limits?

Unfortunately, there is no magic switch that easily works for all.

@tflidd, the problem is the hardware.

Hello all,

I have upgraded my server hardware and it works fine now !

Thank you for yours advice :slight_smile:

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