Nextcloud outlook plugin

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I have install the nextcloud outlook plugin … but nothing changed in outlook application the plugin not activated ,

I should install some thing else or do anything from outlook

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Within Outlook you can check if the add-in is available or not. If you navigate in the menu to;
File > Options > Add-Ins > and click 'Manage COM-Add-ins Go. You will get a list alike as this;


In case the add-in does not show please provide the following;
Can you provide me further information regarding to your set up; Which Windows version (32/64 bits) and which Office version plus 32/64 bits.

In case the add-in does show in that list, but it is not checked please select (like in the screenshot) and provide a screenshot, it will tell the error.


I have the same problem.
Have installed all the versions to different machines but its NOT WORKING.
Win 7 64x office 2016 add on present but not getting enabled
Win 7 64x office 2013 add on present but not getting enabled
Win 7 64x office 2010 add on present but not getting enabled
Win 10 64x office 2016 add on present but not getting enabled

In Ubuntu 16.04 x64 thunderbird (latest) its working fine.

Please a fix or NC should remove it from their site until it starts working.

There is no error shown anywhere.
It just doesnt get enabled.

@John_Pagourtzis the Office version is very important. So if you use Office 32 bits on Windows X 64 bits you need to install the X86 version of the add-in.

In Outlook through File > Options > Add-ins you can try to manually enable the add-in.

Just did a fresh install in a win 7 64bit with office 2016 32b and installed nc outlook addin 32b (latest addin from the link you provided me) and it still doesnt gets enabled.

Thank you for trying that.
Could you try the following;

  • Can you provide an alike screenshot from Com Add-ins like I did?
  • Using regedit, can you verify that this key is created and possibly share the content (may obscure private details); ‘Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\NextcloudOutlookFE’.



Weird. Okay. So for your information what happens is those keys are created once the add-in is loaded. At least it has loaded for one time… Has Outlook made any mention that it disabled a add-in because it slowed down the start-up proces?

If you check “NextcloudOutlook” during runtime of Outlook, is there still no error provided? (error reason should be provided under load behavior). If it stays checked under new e-mail the add-in options should be provided.

The add-in runs on .NET Framework 4.5, is this installed?

Maybe we can do a short teamviewer session? If you are interested in that send me a PM :slight_smile:

no error on check or load.
it doesnt stay checked as i understood

Thanks. Okay maybe if we manually enable the add-in…

  1. Make sure Outlook is closed and modify the registry manually:
  2. One of either keys is created for you, my guess it is the last one with the WOW6432Node. Can you modify the existing LoadBehavior which is probably set to decimal 1 to decimal 3?



  1. Restart Outlook and let’s see the result…

When using the free client version (“Setup_x86_free_2301”) on a Microsoft 2010 (office14) instance, i can’t login to nextcloud (v15.0.2).
I have no problems to log in via app and via Webbrowser.

Probably, because the server is not listening on default ssl port 443, but on 8443.
Does this plugin version support a connection string like


if not, are you able to integrate this as a feature request?


Hello Ralf,

You could try using https://server-fqdn:8443 to connect with. Not entirely sure if it would work, but there is no port strongly typed so I don’t see why it shouldn’t work.

Kind regards,