NextCloud or OnlyOffice Changes my animated PPTX Files

Moving presentations to NextCloud that include animations (like real animations… not the PPTX slide animations) seems to strip the animations… or maybe it’s NextCloud opening that presentation in OnlyOffice that’s stripping out the animations… regardless, WHY is this happening? Is there a way to stop this from happening?

You mean .gif image files or pptx animations of vector objects? I guess it is likely that OnlyOffice supports only a limited set of those and thus might not display them correctly.
However I think it should not change the actual files (unless you safe/overwrite them?) and they should still work in regular MS-Word.

If you want 100% correct rendering of complex slide animations you will probably have to switch to LibreOffice and Collabora as that uses the same code-base for rendering these files.

Could you please send us the file for analysis? (Feel free to submit a new ticket at

Thanks for your reply. It’s complex animations of vector objects brought into the PPTX. I have the presentation backed up on a local drive… thankfully, because copying it to NextCloud absolutely changed that file for anyone trying open, edit, view it. The animations were stripped.

Hi, thanks for your inquiry. “Sending” the presentation anywhere is not an option. That’s what we needed NextCloud for. It’s a very large vector animated presentation… or it was until it was opened in OnlyOffice. Now it’s just static images on a few slides, text, and no animation at all. It’s also proprietary information. Not sure how to solve this for our animated deck, but hopefully being made aware of this huge issue, OnlyOffice will address it, proactively troubleshoot, so that it doesn’t happen to anyone else.

An example would be helpful, could you create a test file with some animation that proves the case?