Nextcloud optimization


We want to optimize nextcloud server. Uploading slow down when upload larger files.

Needs all best practices steps to optimize nextcloud.

Please advise thanks.


Can you please input more details for better understanding?

  1. Your Server Hardware Configuration
  2. Your Server Software Setup details (OS, what type of NextCloud installation, what add ons, etc)
  3. User count, concurrent active users?
  4. What else on the same server?

Stuff like that


Hi @zohaib09

This should give you a pretty good overview about possible optimisations for a Nextcloud server:



  1. RAM 25 GB, CPU: 8 Core (4 cores per socket), 2345.594MGz, Disk 20 GB
  2. Debian 10 (Buster), It is simple installation nextcloud placed in /www/var/html/nextcloud with apache (no docker), Turn server installed, talk, collabora online office, storj.
  3. Users 10-12
  4. Nothing else


Well, maybe to simple then… Sorry but It’s hard to make any suggestions without more details.

Are you using PHP-FPM/Fastcgi and did you configure a local memory cache (Redis or APCu)?

These are the things I would configure / add first if you didn’t do so already.

Hi @zohaib09,

there is an option named chunck that cut your files into several files of the same size ( by default this size is set to 10 mb)

to change it you can do this :
sudo -u www-data php occ config:app:set files max_chunk_size --value ‘xxxx’

replace xxx by the result of 10x1024x1024 , where 10 is for 10 mb

if you use antivirus for files app you have to define the streamlength of the app with the same or higher value that you have defined