NextCloud + OpenMediaVault - does it make sense?

I have an HP microserver that I want to use as an external storage for media (and other) files + serving the files + making backups.
My original plan was to install OpenMediaVault for the NAS-functionality and then NextCloud for serving media (and other documents).
However, I found posts claiming that the NC/OC plugin for OMV has been discontinued a it got me thinking: do I even need OMV?

So my question is: what functionality will I lose if I remove OMV and install just NC? I can think of the following:

  • RAID management … but I can do it on the system via SSH
  • sharing of folders via Samba … ditto (though I have never done that before)

Or is it so that OMV + NC is a good combination and I should rather try to make it work together?

RAID can easily be done without OMV. SMB theoretically as well, however to set it up with OMV is probably much easier (especially with different users, …).

You could as well install a plain Debian on your server, then you install two vservers (with LXC for example, if you prefer a graphical config interface, you could use Proxmox) and install NC and OMV independently.

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