NextCloud on webhosting server vs

For the moment, I’m using NextCloud on at my hosted webspace. It generally works, there are a few perks (the 500 MB limit for instance), the fact I don’t know how to use the command-line (for solutions sometimes offered on the NextCloud Forum).
I looked at and it looks interesting, but they also use NextCloud.
Is it more stable or faster? I do find NextCloud works quite slow in a browser. But for saving in the cloud, using CalDAV and CardDAV, it works just fine.
Any thoughts on this? Recommendations? Experiences?

I do not use the project But on there website for file cloud is a Nextcloud linked. Because of they use an old Nextcloud 24.

This is a Managed Nextcloud. With a Managed Nextcloud, other people take care of your Nextcloud and you have limited or no influence. However, the advantage is that others take care of the updates and sometimes also the backup. In addition, the installations are optimized for Nextcloud, so they are often better or faster. On the other hand, with a managed web server you have to take care of the Nextcloud application yourself.

Here is a demo (admin and user) of a Managed Nextcloud if you want to take a look.

Nextcloud hoster manages parts Nextcloud, database, domain, storage, operating system and hardware.

You can get a free Managed Nextcloud account (one user not a Nextcloud) e.g. here or here. All Nextclouds works fine with Nextcloud apps e.g. for desktop or mobile.

If you need as much free (20 GB) and fast storage as possible but with limited Nextcloud functions (e.g. sharing only for one month at a time), you can take a look at / product info. However, I do not know whether CalDAV and CardDAV are supported there. I think not.

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